About Us

We began the Sunberryit* story in 2022, with a clear vision – to start a company that puts the happiness of our employees before everything else. Looking for the right project can be a hugely taxing process, especially for those who are highly skilled, and who need a challenging, cutting-edge project to spark new energy, and really sink their teeth into. Equally demanding is finding passionate, qualified tech talent who will turn a client’s idea into reality.

Our employee-centric model, focusses on matching the perfect person with the right project – and it doesn’t just end there. We recognise the importance of being there for our employees, and offer continuous support and encouragement through the length of the project, and beyond. We believe in celebrating the achievements our employees, fostering growth and communication, and inspiring all those around us, including ourselves, to work towards building a future that’s better for everyone!



Why us

A business rules approach is a methodology—and possibly special technology—by which you capture, challenge, publish, automate, and change rules from a strategic business perspective. The result is a business rules system, an automated system in which the rules are separated, logically and perhaps physically, from other aspects of the system and shared across data stores, user interfaces, and perhaps applications.

As you can see, at the heart of a business rules approach is an appreciation for rules as a valuable asset for a business organization. In fact, a business rules approach to systems development elevates the importance of business rules to the business and carries that importance into the organization’s systems development function and approach.

In some cases, organizations are truly leveraging the business rules approach by incorporating it into business process engineering or reengineering initiatives. To these organizations, a business rules approach is an avenue through which to drive change across large business scopes.